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seriously go vote for laverne cox in this like fuck does a cis man get more attention for a shit portrayal of transwomen than u know, an actual living transwoman

Be sure to vote ‘yes’ for Laverne Cox, but also remember to vote ‘NO’ for that piece of shit Jared Leto

And no for Benedict Cumbucket bc wtf why

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WOW got a haircut I’m going 2 post many selfies tomorrow

WOW got a haircut I’m going 2 post many selfies tomorrow

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super quick reminder that my music show will be on tonight at 8 and i’ll be focusing on Soundcloud musicians and experimental but fun stuff

you can listen to my last show here


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proof that yaya is a sinner and is going to hell lmao


proof that yaya is a sinner and is going to hell lmao

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Just last week, a 7th grader with a curvy build came home upset about this. She had worn an outfit with a skirt and leggings, and in the morning, a teacher had said to her, “Cute outfit.” But then her homeroom teacher pulled her aside at the end of the day and said, “You know, another girl could get away with that outfit, but you should not be wearing that. I’m going to dress code you.” Juliet Bond and the child’s mom were discussing the incident, not certain if the message to the child was ‘you’re too sexy’ or ‘you’re too fat.’

The kids also report that the teachers have been discussing ‘appropriate body types for leggings and yoga pants and inappropriate body types for yoga pants and leggings.’

Bond says, “This is concerning because it is both slut shaming and fat shaming. If a girl is heavy or developed, the message is that she cannot wear certain clothes.” Neither is acceptable. We should not be sexualizing kids, nor should we be making them feel that they can wear leggings as long as they remain stick thin. Bond asks, “Why are the girls being pulled out of class to have assemblies on whether they are wearing the right clothes, while the boys remain in class, learning and studying?”

I don’t have a problem with a school having a dress code; in fact, I attended a school that didn’t allow jeans or shorts or shirts without collars, but I do have a problem when the dress code is discriminately based on gender and body type. There is a big difference between telling all students to dress respectfully and telling curvy girls to dress in a way that doesn’t distract boys.


The Real Problem with Leggings Ban for Middle School Girls: Specific Targets | Alternet  (via albinwonderland)

There are so many horrible messages, but the one that sticks out the most for me is this: that girls’ priority is to be ‘presentable’. A boy’s priority is to be in class. This is why the boys stay in class and study, while a girl can be pulled out at any moment for not being ‘decent’.

It’s why girls are punished for not fitting into categories of beauty. Because society’s expectation is not for her to be smart, but for her to be beautiful. That’s the only thing she’s learning when she’s pulled out of class and lectured on what her body type is permitted to wear.

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I used to be so self conscious about my weight because people always said I had a baby face, or asked when I was going to lose my baby fat, or called me ‘thunder thighs’. I was 90-95 pounds then (from about 7th grade to probably sophomore year). Junior year I just said fuck it, fuck this, I’m going to try and like myself and fuck you if you think I’m fat. I’m now probably about 100-105 pounds, which is still pretty tiny but it’s v hard for me to gain weight, and I was looking in the mirror and jfc I LOVE MY THIGHS. They’re so big, and I love my muffin top, and holy shit. I just love my body now.
Ok sorry, feelings over.

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Practical Magic


Practical Magic

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when people talk about the way girls dress and say “respect yourself ladies” 

I get




because like I respect myself I think I’m awesome I am an A+ human being

but I also know my ass looks great in this dress

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do you ever just start thinking about sex and zone out for a couple of seconds and stare into space and then you come back and you’re like ah shit i hope no one realised i was thinking about sex just now

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